The new Aston Martin DB9

The Launch Of The new Aston Martin DB9
KUALA LUMPUR -5th Feb 2013 – the British luxury sports car maker, Aston Martin, has launched the new Aston Martin DB9, the new James Bond rich luxurious sports car , in Malaysia.
Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur Executive Director Nazrul Mohtar said the car maker was excited to be able to start the 100th year anniversary of Aston Martin with the launch of the new car in Malaysia.
The new DB9 is equipped with the AM11 V12 engine that delivers significant improvements to the performance of the car and which makes it a more desirable car , and it `s priced at RM1.7 million without insurance . the sports car has always been associated with James Bond movies — the recent Bond movie Skyfall featured the Aston Martin DB5.

This new DB9 is the most luxurious car in the history of Aston Martin . "This iconic model is an example of the richness of the heritage of Aston Martin married seamlessly with advance technology," Mr Nazrul , the Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur Executive Director said .
"We are now holding road shows to promote the car and the Aston Martin brand, as a whole. We are confident that it will appeal to Malaysian luxury car enthusiasts," Nazrul said.
Network development general manager Maria Plunkett said Aston Martin’s main customers are from the UK, US and Germany. “We are drawing up plans to expand into China and Japan as well as tapping heavily into the Southeast Asia market